Ten-Pin Bowling

Bowling Alley With Seating Arrangement - Inco

We’re proud of the fact that the sport of Ten-Pin Bowling was introduced in India by us, and we set up the very first Indian bowling alley in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We provide end-to-end consultancy and project management, including equipment procurement, for setting up a bowling alley.

About Ten-pin bowling

Gaming Zones

This game consists of knocking down ten pins, standing at a distance of 60 feet, by hurling a urethane ball that weighs between 6 lb and 16 lb (Depending on the sex and the age of the player). There are 10 frames in a game and you have two turns to knock down all the pins per frame – with the exception of the 10th frame, which works a little differently.

The score is the number of fallen pins. If the player has knocked down the ten pins with two throws, he gets a “SPARE”. Concerning the score, the points of the next throw after the “SPARE” are added to the frame in which the player got a “SPARE”. If the player succeeds to knock down the ten pins in the first throw, he gets a “STRIKE”.

In this case, the points of the next two throws are added to the frame in which the bowler got a “STRIKE”. You make a “TURKEY” when you make 3 successive “STRIKES”. The rules are very simple and equipment is available in a range of sizes and styles. Even kids aged 4 and up can play.

The record for oldest player ever is a 104-year-old woman who participated in a competitive league Bowling in the US in 1985-1986.

The area and equipment cost

The minimum area requirement for a Bowling alley is 86 feet length, inclusive of lane and approach area, 12 feet width for a pair of lanes, inclusive of 2 lanes and ball return zone, and 10-12 feet height per lane. For an 8-lane Bowling center, the area required is about 6000 – 8000 square feet, inclusive of alleys, snack bar, seating arrangements, etc.

The other important factor is finance. Depending on the configuration and specifications of the equipment, one lane costs between $20,000 and $ 30,000. The price includes the lane, scorer, and pinsetter, masking unit, center management system, accessories and spares.

Bowling Alley Setup and Equipments - Inco
  • Lane
  • Pinsetters
  • Ball Return System
  • Scorers
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Center Management System
  • Supplies

Bowling has emerged as an excellent unique recreational activity in India over the past decade.

With a high RoI and short break-even period, Bowling Alleys are highly lucrative additions to Family Entertainment Centers (FECs).

Get in touch with us to learn how you can set up a bowling alley at your center.

Bowling centers in India

Some of our recent Indian Bowling Centre installations in which we were involved fully from concept to commissioning:-

Timezone - Bowling Center - Inco

Timezone - Bowling Center

Strikes Seating arrangement - Inco

Strikes - Seating arrangement

Timezone - Bowling Lane - Inco

Timezone - Bowling Lane

Strikes- Bowling Lane - Inco

Strikes- Bowling Lane

Vegas Bowling Lane - Inco

Vegas - Bowling Lane

  • SAI World Empire Paradise Group Clubhouse, Kharghrar - 2 lanes Switch String Semi-Automatic
  • Hop Up, Chandigarh - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Woop Let's Jump, Mumbai - 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Timezone, Noida - 4 lanes SWITCH
  • Timezone, Marina Mall Chennai - 4 lanes SWITCH
  • Strike, Rahulraj, Surat - 6 lanes Brunswick
  • Woop Surat - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Timezone, Pan India -22 lanes Brunswick
  • Mashup Bar & Restaurant, Lucknow- 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Grand Machal Resorts and Clubs Private Limited, Indore - 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Hex Entertainment, Bangalore - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Emaar Palm Terrace Clubhouse, Gurgaon - 2 lanes SWITCH
  • Emaar Palm Garden Clubhouse Gurgaon - 2 lanes SWITCH
  • Emerald Club Arihant Group, Rajkot- 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Glued Entertainment (Omax Mall,Ludhiana) - 2 lanes SWITCH

In addition, we've executed many installations in the past:

  • Leisure Bowl New Delhi 8 lanes
  • Sayaji Hotels Indore 2 lanes
  • Club Aquaria Mumbai 2 lanes
  • Kin pin Jaipur 4 lanes
  • Buddy’s Mumbai 4 lanes
  • Destination Point New Delhi 6 lanes
  • Roll in Bowl In Mumbai 4 lanes
  • Xandu Bowl New Delhi 6 lanes
  • Snow Bowling Chennai 4 lanes
  • Z-2000 Surat 4 lanes
  • Strike 10 Mumbai 6 lanes
  • Bulls Eye Mumbai 4 lanes
  • The Allygator Hyderabad 4 lanes
  • Dumas Resort Surat 4 lanes