Ten-Pin Bowling

Bowling Alley With Seating Arrangement - Inco

We’re proud of the fact that the sport of Ten-Pin Bowling was introduced in India by us, and we set up the very first Indian bowling alley in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. We provide end-to-end consultancy and project management, including equipment procurement, for setting up a bowling alley.

About Ten-pin bowling

Gaming Zones

This game consists of knocking down ten pins, standing at a distance of 60 feet, by hurling a urethane ball that weighs between 6 lb and 16 lb (Depending on the sex and the age of the player). There are 10 frames in a game and you have two turns to knock down all the pins per frame – with the exception of the 10th frame, which works a little differently.

The score is the number of fallen pins. If the player has knocked down the ten pins with two throws, he gets a “SPARE”. Concerning the score, the points of the next throw after the “SPARE” are added to the frame in which the player got a “SPARE”. If the player succeeds to knock down the ten pins in the first throw, he gets a “STRIKE”.

In this case, the points of the next two throws are added to the frame in which the bowler got a “STRIKE”. You make a “TURKEY” when you make 3 successive “STRIKES”. The rules are very simple and equipment is available in a range of sizes and styles. Even kids aged 4 and up can play.

The record for oldest player ever is a 104-year-old woman who participated in a competitive league Bowling in the US in 1985-1986.

The area and equipment cost

The minimum area requirement for a Bowling alley is 86 feet length, inclusive of lane and approach area, 12 feet width for a pair of lanes, inclusive of 2 lanes and ball return zone, and 10-12 feet height per lane. For an 8-lane Bowling center, the area required is about 6000 – 8000 square feet, inclusive of alleys, snack bar, seating arrangements, etc.

The other important factor is finance. Depending on the configuration and specifications of the equipment, one lane costs between $20,000 and $ 30,000. The price includes the lane, scorer, and pinsetter, masking unit, center management system, accessories and spares.

Bowling Alley Setup and Equipments - Inco
  • Lane
  • Pinsetters
  • Ball Return System
  • Scorers
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Center Management System
  • Supplies

Bowling has emerged as an excellent unique recreational activity in India over the past decade.

With a high RoI and short break-even period, Bowling Alleys are highly lucrative additions to Family Entertainment Centers (FECs).

Get in touch with us to learn how you can set up a bowling alley at your center.

As sole representatives of Switch® International Bowling Equipment in India, we extend our specialized services in providing comprehensive consultancy packages, end-to-end project management, equipment procurement, and maintenance services for Bowling Centers, encompassing both new installations and refurbished facilities.

We offer two machine systems:

1. SWITCH® ST-1 Automatic Machine

2. SWITCH® STRING Semi-automatic Machine

In our endeavor to provide cost-effective solutions, we'd like to shed light on the significant aspect impacting the running costs of a bowling business—maintenance. The conventional free-fall pinsetter often incurs substantial maintenance expenses due to its intricate mechanism comprising thousands of moving parts. To mitigate these costs, many bowling centers are turning to the STRING pinsetter, widely used in Europe.

About String Pinsetters

The string pinsetter, sourced by Switch®, stems from the heritage of SES (a German Company), owning the rights from the old Schmid company dating back to the 1960s. Notably, Brunswick's string machines also trace their lineage to Schmid, contributing to the similar quality and skills exhibited by SES and Brunswick's string machines.

GENIE Scoring System by Switch®

Switch® further enhances its offerings with the GENIE Scoring system, encapsulating impressive graphics and presentation features, ensuring a competitive edge at a reasonable cost compared to other brands.

Advantages of String Machines

  • Reduced number of parts
  • No pin wheel or running carpet
  • Simplified mechanics with only one motor
  • Superior technology and chassis

All-Inclusive Computer System

Switch® presents an all-in-one PC with a touch screen monitor, keyboard, and mouse, operated by Windows. This comprehensive system allows centralised control over lanes, machines, scoring systems, cash handling, reservations, and various reporting templates essential for bowling centre operations.

Pre-Installation Requirements and Guidelines

Upon request, we're ready to share comprehensive pre-installation requirements and guidelines for your convenience.

For detailed insights, including catalog, videos, and specifics about the Switch® String Pinsetter, Power & Circuit Requirements, visit Semi Automatic STRING Bowling .

Bowling centers in India

Some of our recent Indian Bowling Centre installations in which we were involved fully from concept to commissioning:-

Timezone - Bowling Center - Inco

Timezone - Bowling Center

Strikes Seating arrangement - Inco

Strikes - Seating arrangement

Timezone - Bowling Lane - Inco

Timezone - Bowling Lane

Strikes- Bowling Lane - Inco

Strikes- Bowling Lane

Vegas Bowling Lane - Inco

Vegas - Bowling Lane

Vegas Bowling Lane - Inco

Vegas - Bowling Lane

  • SAI World Empire Paradise Group Clubhouse, Kharghrar - 2 lanes Switch String Semi-Automatic
  • Hop Up, Chandigarh - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Woop Let's Jump, Mumbai - 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Timezone, Noida - 4 lanes SWITCH
  • Timezone, Marina Mall Chennai - 4 lanes SWITCH
  • Strike, Rahulraj, Surat - 6 lanes Brunswick
  • Woop Surat - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Timezone, Pan India -22 lanes Brunswick
  • Fun Bond, Aurngabad - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Funblast, Vadodara - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Mashup Bar & Restaurant, Lucknow- 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Grand Machal Resorts and Clubs Private Limited, Indore - 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Hex Entertainment, Bangalore - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Emaar Palm Terrace Clubhouse, Gurgaon - 2 lanes SWITCH
  • Emaar Palm Garden Clubhouse Gurgaon - 2 lanes SWITCH
  • Emerald Club Arihant Group, Rajkot- 2 lanes Brunswick
  • Glued Entertainment (Omax Mall,Ludhiana) - 2 lanes SWITCH
  • Orissa Infrastructure, Gurgaon - 4 lanes Brunswick
  • Lulu International Shopping Malls Private Limited, Kerala

In addition, we've executed many installations in the past:

  • Leisure Bowl New Delhi 8 lanes
  • Sayaji Hotels Indore 2 lanes
  • Club Aquaria Mumbai 2 lanes
  • Kin pin Jaipur 4 lanes
  • Buddy’s Mumbai 4 lanes
  • Destination Point New Delhi 6 lanes
  • Roll in Bowl In Mumbai 4 lanes
  • Xandu Bowl New Delhi 6 lanes
  • Snow Bowling Chennai 4 lanes
  • Z-2000 Surat 4 lanes
  • Strike 10 Mumbai 6 lanes
  • Bulls Eye Mumbai 4 lanes
  • The Allygator Hyderabad 4 lanes
  • Dumas Resort Surat 4 lanes

Recent Installations of NEW SWITCH Bowling Equipment:

  • Timezone (Noida) - 4 SWITCH ST1 Automatic
  • Timezone (Marina Mall Chennai) - 4 SWITCH String Bowling
  • Emaar Palm Terrace (Clubhouse Gurgaon) - 2 lanes SWITCH ST1 Automatic
  • Emaar Palm Garden (Clubhouse Gurgaon) - 2 lanes SWITCH ST1 Automatic
  • Glued Entertainment (Omaxe Plaza, Ludhiana) - 2 lanes SWITCH ST1 Automatic
  • Club House (Kharghar, Navi Mumbai) - 2 lanes Switch String Bowling