Paintball Equipment

Paintballing is a niche, fun activity that involves teamwork, skill and co-ordination.

Inco has played a key role in popularising the sport in India, and given the fact that even 10-20 people can play at a time, many today actively seek out Paintballing venues.

Paintball courses are also extremely customizable, and using a combination of terrain, objective placement and obstacles, you can control the course difficulty and intensity of play.

We've had tie-ups with the world's biggest Paintball equipment manufacturers and supply all over India. We carry every single type of equipment and support material associated with Paintballing.

paintball equipment - Inco

Paintball Marker

Cronus Basic

98 Custom PS NON ACT
Cronus Tactical


12 oz CO2 Tank
On-Off Valve
Chest Guard
Neck Protector
Fill Station
Face Mask
1-15 boxes
16-48 boxes
48+ boxes

Paintball Spares

We have a variety of Paintball equipment related spare parts available with us.


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