Miscellaneous/Unique Karts

Here you’ll find highly unusual, unconventional toy karts & bikes like the BERG Beach Wagon. These have unique designs and can be used on different surfaces like rocky surfaces, sandy beaches, farmland, etc.

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  • Beach Wagon L – modular

    Nicely out for a day on the beach or a picnic in the forest! You can take all your things with you in the BERG Beach Wagon. This wagon is spacious while also being very compact. The Beach Wagon can easily be dismantled and assembled, making it easy to fit into your car.

  • Beach Wagon XL – modular

    The BERG Beach Wagon XL is wonderfully spacious, letting you take a lot more things with you. Fill up your BERG Beach Wagon with toys or nice things for a picnic with your friends. Everything’s possible with this Beach Wagon!