Alongside the launch of our new website, we’re very pleased to announce Inco Mechel’s latest tie-up – with BERG Toys of Netherlands.

BERG Toys has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing outdoor entertainment products. Their marquee products are their go-karts and trampolines. We’ve teamed up with them to bring their full range of pedal operated go-karts and two to four seater family buggies to India.

BERG designs and develops all its products in-house at their facilities in Netherlands. Since a lot of their products are used in public areas like family entertainment centres and large campuses, they put a lot of stress on quality, durability and flexibility. Despite this, the attention to design is apparent. They boast licensing tie-ups with world-renowned brands like Ferrari, Jeep, John Deer and Fiat, and all their products strike a deliberate balance between form and function.

BERG’s pedal go-karts have a number of applications. The world over, they’re deployed in corporate campuses and resorts as a means of leisurely transportation, to get from point A to B. They serve as more compact alternatives to golf karts and buggies as well. Off-road variants can be driven on hillsides and fields, which tend to be spacious. They’re also used in entertainment centers and amusement parks in enclosed racing circuits for kids. Being safe and easy to use, even young kids can operate them with basic instructions. BERG assists with the planning and designing of these enclosed racetracks, and can even supply themed accessories and obstacles to give the entire setup a distinct character. BERG also receives a lot of inquiries for their buggies by individuals, for personal use. Either as kids’ toys or a fun mode of transportation, BERG is quite popular in the private space as well.

We’re happy to bring this line of products to India. They’re extremely fun to use, easy to maintain and at the same time have practical applications as well. Have a look at some of their product highlights on our website, and you can even visit them at to view their entire range of products. For more information and inquiries, do get in touch at We look forward to hearing from you